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Connecting your game console, smart TV/DVD or streaming device to nwu-media

The nwu-media network does not require a login and password because some devices do not support that. It relies on what is called the MAC address. This is a hardware serial number that every device has and is unique. To access nwu-media we must have that number in our database and then you can access it. To add the number to the database so you can access nwu-media do the following steps.

NOTE: If you are returning and entered your device into the database previously you do not have to do this again.

Before starting make sure you have your MAC address of your device. If you do not know where to find it you can search on Google for your device and the keywords MAC Address

  1. Click on WiFi Media Access
  2. Click on I am registering a NEW device for access to the Media Network
  3. Once you have your MAC address click on Yes, I do have the MAC/Hardware address of the device
  4. Enter your device MAC address and in the Name: dropdown select the type of device then click Continue
  5. Enter your username and password and click Continue
  6. You will then have a confirmation page telling you your device has been registered.
  7. Wait 2-4 hours
  8. Go to your device and select nwu-media as the WiFi network and it should connect.

NOTE: The nwu-media network is not secured so your device might popup a warning. You can go ahead and ignore that. However, it is NOT recommended to transmit personal information like banking or school information over this network.

Here are instructions on how to get your MAC address for some devices:

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