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How to connect to the nwu-wireless network with a laptop, cellphone or tablet

NOTE: This is not for game consoles, smart TVs or streaming devices, for those click here.

When you browse available networks on your wireless enabled device, you should discover two available wireless networks:

nwu-guest This is an unsecured wireless network. While it requires no authentication, the bandwidth available on this network is limited, data traffic is unencrypted and access to NWU computing resources is restricted. In addition, the guest network is not broadcast to all areas of campus.

nwu-wireless This is a WPA2-Enterprise secured wireless network. Bandwidth on this network is limited only by the total bandwidth available to the campus, data traffic is encrypted and access to NWU computing resources is comparable to an on-campus wired connection.

To access nwu-wireless

  1. First, connect your device to the nwu-guest wireless network or to the wired network.
  2. Open a web browser and go to
  3. Confirm that the site has properly detected the operating system of the device you are using.
  4. iPhone example here so yours might vary.
  5. You might need to enter your username, just the part before the
  6. Follow the instructions on screen. You might be prompted to enter your NWU username and account password.
  7. Click the JoinNow button.
  8. Follow any steps the Operating System of your device might require of you.
  9. For iPhones and iPads the following screen will appear. Simply click install to complete. Androids will have a screen apx like this. Macbooks and Windows a file will be downloaded.
  10. iPhone example here so yours might vary.
  11. When the installation is completed, you will have the necessary configuration on your device to join the nwu-wireless network.

NOTE: that this is a once per device process. You should not need to repeat these steps for the same device unless you make some significant hardware or software changes (e.g., replacing your wireless network card) or change you NWU password.

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