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 ===Changing the group information and type=== ===Changing the group information and type===
 +To manage the group information and type click on "Edit group" in the menu from the 3 dots.\\ ​
 +{{:​office365:​screen_shot_2017-08-17_at_3.00.54_pm.png?​400|}}\\ ​
 +In the window that pops up on the right of the screen you can change the group icon/​picture,​ name, description,​ privacy, language, whether or not others who do not have a email address can email the group and if copies of messages go to all members.\\ ​
 +{{:​office365:​screen_shot_2017-08-17_at_3.01.14_pm.png?​400|}}\\ ​
 ===Invite Others=== ===Invite Others===
- +To invite people with an email address that does not have to the group click on "​Invite others"​ in the menu from the 3 dots.\\ ​ 
 +  * In the box that pops up is a link.\\  
 +  * Email that link to the non-NebrWesleyan user you want to invite to the group.
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