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 Welcome to the Computing Services documentation wiki. Welcome to the Computing Services documentation wiki.
-For questions, contact CSIT at 402-465-2341. 
 +  * AIS Systems (Ellucian, Informer, WebAdvisor)
 +  * Lab and Classroom Computers
 +  * Networking
 +  * Office365
 +  * Telecom (Deskphones not Cellphones)
 +  * WITS
 +  * Workstations
 +**For instructions on activating your account click [[account:activate|HERE]]**
 +Use Sitemap in the upper right hand corner to browse these sections and more.
 +If you have other questions not answered here in the WiKi please contact CSIT at 402-465-2341 
 +You can also enter a support ticket through our ticket system  [[|Footprints]].
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