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How to activate your NWU account.

To activate your account there is two places you will need to go first will be the CSIT page and then Second will be Office365.

What you will need:

  • Your NWU email address
  • Your login token
  • Your cellphone number OR an alternate email address

Activate your local NWU account.

This is used for WebAdvisor, and other non-Office365 services. It is the first part of your email address before the “”.

Go to which will open in a new window.

  1. On the right hand side you will find “Activate your account” under “User management”.
  2. A part of the page now says “Activate your account
  3. Enter your local “Login”, that is the first 1-8 characters before the part. Do not enter the
  4. Enter your “Token” you received. It is a 3 letter word, a number and a four letter word, not that type of four letter word
  5. Enter a “New Password
  6. Reenter your password in the “Confirm Password” field
  7. Click continue and it should come up and say your account has been activated.
  8. If it says to contact CS/IT feel free to call us at (402)465-2341. We are open from 8am till 12pm CST and 1PM to 5PM CST.

Activate your NWU Office365 account.

Go to which will also open in a new window.

  1. You will see one of the two following windows

  2. Enter your NWU email address in the field with “Email or phone” in it, if it is the one where the login is centered and does not change when you enter it click on “Next
  3. Enter your token you received in the “Password” field.
  4. Your screen should look like one of these two.

  5. You will now be asked to Update your password. In the field directly under your email address enter the token you received. In the next two fields enter, and then reenter the password you wish to use.
  6. You will now need to add Additional info so that you can recover your account if you should loose your password. Click on “Next
  7. You have 4 different options total, however the first is not available. You can add an “Authentication phone” to the account. You can add an “Authentication Email” to the account which is a alternate account, or you can set five “Security questions”. In this tutorial I will go over all three but you only have to set ONE
  8. .
  9. Authentication Phone option:
  10. Click on “Set it up now
  11. Choose the country of your cell phone. This is most likely “United States (+1)” Enter your cell phone number.
  12. The “text me” and “call me” buttons will turn blue.
  13. Click on which ever one you feel is appropriate. If you click on “text me” you will receive a text messaged with a 6 digit code. If you click on “call me” you will receive an automated call with a 6 digit code.
  14. Enter the code in the field that now appears under the “text me” and “call me” buttons.
  15. Authentication Email option:
  16. Click on “Set it up now
  17. Enter a email account in the field “Authentication Email
  18. Click on “email me
  19. Check your alternate account for an email from Microsoft. It will contain a 6 digit verification code. When you receive it enter it into the field to the left of “Verify
  20. Click on “Verify
  21. 5 Security Questions” option:
  22. Click on “Set it up now
  23. There are 5 “Security question” dropdowns and 5 answer fields.
  24. For each of the 5 questions select a question and fill in the answer in the lower field. You must fill in all five.
  25. Click on “Next
  26. You are back to the “don't lose access to your account!' screen with whichever option you used marked with a green check. I am including a screenshot of me completing all 3, but you ONLY have to complete ONE of the three.
  27. You are now back at the login window which will again look like one of these two. Click on your account.

  28. If required enter your new password.
  29. On the older view you will see the next window BUT NOT ON THE NEWER VIEW
  30. Here you need to set your language and time zone
  31. On the newer view you MIGHT have a six slide slide-show. After which you will see this screen.
  32. From here you can access all of your applications. You should though like it says set your calendar time zone. To do this click on “set the time zone for your calendar” in the upper right hand corner balloon.

Your account is now fully activated.

If you have had any problems feel free to contact CS/IT at (402)465-2341

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