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If you've forgotten your WebAdvisor password do the following:

Or go there directly to the page via this link WA Reset My Password

You should see this screen:


  • Last Name: Enter your last name
  • Colleague ID: Enter your 7 digit colleague id number. This is listed at the bottom of the initial email you received.
  • Click the submit button

You will then get a screen where you select your email address to send the new temporary password to.

Select your email address from the drop down menu and click submit and a new temporary password will be sent. For security this is a one-time only password. The next time you log in you will be prompted to change it.

If you can't find your Colleague Id number or have other questions please contact Nebraska Wesleyan Computing Services (phone 402-465-2254; email We are available Monday - Friday from 8am - Noon and 1pm-4:30pm. If you send an email please provide your first and last name and WebAdvisor user id along with the name of your student. (Do not send your password via email).

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